Amaranthus is a genus of annual, herbaceous plants from the Chenopodiaceae family (Amaranthaceae). The genus is widespread with about sixty species in temperate to tropical zones. The genus include several ornamental and food crops.

Amaranthus is originally from the tropics of South America. The name is derived from marainesthai which means "to wilt", but the letter A for the word has the meaning of a denial: so the flower does not wilt. So it's logical that Amaranthus symbolizes immortality. The Amaranthus is therefore of course extremely suitable as a dried flower. After drying, the Amaranthus retains it's beautiful color and can then be used in dry flowerpieces as well as in bouquets.

We carry two types of Amaranthus dried flowers, the red Amaranthus and the Green Amaranthus.


Amaranthus green dried.

Amaranthus red dried.